HairSet & MakeUp
Photo Select
Passing Goods
Step1 Reservation   

Please provide us your kids'age , number of kids and shooting date.
Please call or email us if you would like to make a reservation.

Step2 Reception 

We will explain the shooting plan and fee before
commencing the photo shoot.
Feel free tp enquire should you have any requests
or questions about the shooting date.

Step3 Choosing Costumes 

We have over 200 types of kids costumes.
You can choose the costumes according to your own preferences.
You can also bring your own costumes.

Step4 Hair Set & Make Up 

You may change into your chosen costumes after that.
We will set kids hair upward of 3 years old.

It will take about 20~30 minutes according to the costumes
that has been chosen.

Step5 Shooting 

We will help your kids to get accustomed to our staffs
and the studio environment with your assistance before
starting the photoshoots to help reduce your kids' nervousness.
While having fun,we will take photos of your natural smile.
If your kids is exhausted,it's okay to reschedule to a later date.

Step6 Choosing Photograph 

You may choose the best photograph from 100-150 cuts
that you would like to bring back.
Check your kids photos in a slow and relaxed manner.
After You're done choosing , we will introduce
good packages for you.

Step7 Passing 

All printing will be done 3weeks after shooting.
We will contact you as soon as it is completed.
Kindly please come and pick up the printing at the shop directly.