All of the shooting plan is included two rental costumes for free.
It is the same price for family and siblings photoshoots.
If you rent more than 2 costumes , the following 3rd costume will be charged RM15 per costume.

Click the following items if you would like to check more about shooting plans and fee.
Print Set Standard Book Set Premium Book Set Premium Crystal Book Set Increasable Album Set

We also provide basic shooting plan ( photo frame or color print) other than the packages provided above.
Please contact us for more details and information.

Print Set

Basic shooting plan comes with Color Printing and Softcopy.
You can add PhotoFrame depending on your preferuces.

Goods name 5R Color
 8R Color
8R Photo
Soft copy    Price  
 Print Set 1 3 2 -  8  RM199
 Print Set 2 - 5  12  RM299
 Print Set 3 - 8 -  15  RM399
 Print Set 4 - 10 -  20  RM499
 Print&PhotoFrame Set 1 3 2 1  9  RM299
 Print&PhotoFrame Set 2 - 5 1  13  RM399
 Print&PhotoFrame Set 3 - 8 1  16  RM499
 Print&PhotoFrame Set 4 - 10 1  21  RM599

StandardBook Set

Studio photograph album uses a colorful front hardcover with a jacket wrapped paper.
You can choose from 4 different cover colors -
Pastel green,Pastel red,Pastel blue, and Pastel yellow.

Goods name  Number of
 8R Photo
 Standard Book 1  16 Pages  - 16  RM399
 Standard Book 2  20 Pages  - 20  RM499
 Standard Book 3  26 Pages  - 26  RM599
 Standard Book 4  32 Pages  - 32  RM699
 Standard Book & Photo Frame Set 1  16 Pages  1 17  RM499
 Standard Book & Photo Frame Set 2  20 Pages  1 21  RM599
 Standard Book & Photo Frame Set 3  26 Pages  1 27  RM699
 Standard Book & Photo Frame Set 4  32 Pages  1 33  RM799

Premium Book Set

Fine-quality photo album that is wrapped with natural synthetic leather
and along lasting permanent glossy paper.
We will design the layout,background,and coloring
for this photo album to suit your photographs.
You can also put a message for your kids.
It is recommended for those who wants to make only one original photo album.
This shooting plan includes PhotoFrame and Softcopy.
Goods name  Number
of pages
5R Photo
Soft copy   Price   
Premium PhotoBook Set 1  16 Page 25  RM699 
Premium PhotoBook Set 2  20 Page 31 RM799
Premium PhotoBook Set 3  26 Page 40 RM949
Premium PhotoBook Set 4  32 Page 48  RM1099

Premium Crystal Book Set

This photo album has crystals designs on the full image cover.
This shooting plan includes 8R PhotoFrame and Canvas Bonding.

Goods name  Number of
8R Photo
8x8 inch
Soft copy    Price   
Premium PhotoBook Set 1  16 Page 25  RM849 
Premium PhotoBook Set 2  20 Page 31 RM949
Premium PhotoBook Set 3  26 Page 40 RM1099
Premium PhotoBook Set 4  32 Page 48  RM1249

Increasable Album Set

We are able to collect all the photographs that are taken at Jphoto
and make it into a single album
It is also possible to add new pagesin this single album for the second time photo shooting.

Goods name Number
of Pages 
Soft copy   Price  
 Increasable Album Set 1
※Initial Price
 5  15  RM599
Increasable Album Set 2
※Initial Price
 10  20  RM899
Increasable Album Additional Page Set 1
※From the second time,in case of addtional pages.
 5  15  RM399
 Increasable Album Additional Page Set 2
※From the second time,in case of addtional pages.
 10  20  RM549