Q1 If I hope you shot our brothers together , Can I choose only one package ?
Yes,You can. We provide group shooting. All packages are incluced in
However , only one set of printing is allowed. If you would like another set of printing , you are recommended to choose another package.

Q2 How many costumes can I choose on the package?
2 free costumes are included in all packages.
For one child , he/she can wear both costumes.
For two children , they can each wear and have one costume.
If you hope to add some costumes , RM15 for 1 costume.

Q3 If my child can not take the photo because of crying or fatigue , can I reshoot on another day?
Yes, You can. In the case of re-shooting, there is no extra charge.

Q4 Can I buy all data?
Number of photos data has been determined by the package purchased. Please go to package introduction page for details.

Q5 What do you do with the pictures that I didn't choose ?
We will keep all your photos in our shop for 1 year. So you can buy it anytime.